Start A “Recreation Road Show”

Also, the groups are composed of taxpayers, so informing them translates to greater support around budget time. Another benefit is that we often get questions, comments or suggestions that help improve our service delivery.

I even give this presentation once a year to my entire staff of 60 in parks, recreation and library. With so many diverse activities, it’s not unusual for a staff member in one section or department not to know what goes on in another part of the operation. It is important to keep the internal audience informed as well as the external.

I am sure our presentation can use improvements, but I am happy to share the updated version, which is linked at the top of this blog. Just click the link and it takes you to the .pdf. Use it any way you need to help form or improve your own Recreation Roadshow. And if anyone has additional ideas or comments on how to promote the value of parks and rec to our communities, please write me or PRB, and share them!

Randy Gaddo is Director of Leisure Services (parks, recreation and library) in Peachtree City, Ga. He can be reached at (770) 631-2542, or via e-mail at

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4 comments on “Start A “Recreation Road Show”

  1. Barb Burkholder on said:

    I would love to receive a copy of your road show. We always called it the Dog and Pony show when we were trying to get a bond issue passed for our recreation center. This was back in the early 90′s. It worked for us and I would love to see your creativity. We can always learn from the success of other Parks and Recreation professionals. I feel like I could do better script writing for the Parks and Recreation Show. Having worked in Los Angeles, I have a lot of wierd experiences to draw upon! LOL!
    Barb Burkholder

  2. Gayle O'Connor on said:

    If you would please send me the pdf of your presentation it would be greatly appreciated.

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