Standardize For Savings

It obviously doesn’t make sense to replace all existing equipment with new, standardized equipment. When it comes to spray equipment, for example, implement some small changes that will make an impact:

  1. Line strainer/filter. Spray equipment problems often include clogged hoses, fittings and tips, and damaged pumps, so begin standardization efforts here. Standardize procedures and filters so all techs know how to check and change filters so it is easy and cost-efficient to inventory the screens and gaskets that cause many problems.
  2. Quick-disconnects. Standardize quick-disconnects and spray tools so spray guns are interchangeable. When a piece of equipment such as a spray wand requires service, fails, or is needed elsewhere, it only requires a quick change that does not disrupt schedules.

To plan for the future, develop clear standards for hand sprayers, backpack sprayers, toolboxes, power sprayers, etc., so that over time, as you replace obsolete equipment, the fleet becomes standardized.

Once the equipment is standardized, developing and implementing service standards is much easier. For example, if the make, model, and location of small engines on the power sprayers are the same, then performing the required service and preventative maintenance at predetermined intervals requires less time.

A word of caution: Use common sense in this process. You may not be able to standardize everything. If you have special-purpose vehicles, standardize where possible. Work with your equipment vendor to standardize filtration (location, access, and design), maintenance (engine positioned so oil changes are easy), etc.

Start today by examining equipment to find opportunities for uniformity. Even a little standardization can go a long way toward improved service, sound financial results, and employee satisfaction.

Andrew Greess is the President of Quality Equipment & Spray, which designs and builds custom landscape spray equipment. He can be reached at, or follow him on Facebook. To seek more information or to share your thoughts, check out his blog at

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