Stand And Deliver

First, the price of the land probably has been reduced–considerably in some cases–creating a buyer’s market. Second, perhaps the funding system under which you previously had been working has become increasingly less tenable and frustratingly inadequate. If so, this “crisis” may be the impetus needed to reconfigure your agency’s funding. Third, the people you serve, who are suffering as much as you, may be inspired to rally around the youth programs through increased volunteerism, fundraising and even physically preparing the proposed complex. Even better, they may agree to create a more realistic fee structure to purchase the land and operate the youth programs.

If you have built your brand through reciprocity, and can see threats as opportunities, outcomes such as those mentioned above are not unreasonable. To be successful under any conditions, congruence among promise, desire, and delivery produces a brand that can stand (and deliver) even in the worst of times.

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Kim S. Uhlik is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism Management at San Jose State University. He can be reached via e-mail at

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