Splash, Trickle, And Flow

Other seemingly insignificant factors in pool design may considerably affect construction cost, visual perception, or maintenance issues. It is impossible to list in one article all of the issues and to propose appropriate solutions. If a talented but inexperienced consultant has a brilliant vision for a water feature, this vision should be developed in collaboration with an experienced pool designer at its earliest stage to allow for constructive coordination of work, and to navigate the outcome towards impressive, yet practical solutions.

Pawel Gradowski, BLA, CSLA, BCSLA, is a Partner and Landsacpe Architect at Durante Kreuk Ltd. in Vancouver, BC. Within the last few years, Pawel has been a key designer for more than 50 water features within complex urban developments, as well as for natural-looking ponds and rain gardens in a suburban environment, providing detailed working drawings and site review services during design implementation. For more information, visit www.dkl.bc.ca.

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