Soccer Goal Safety

I offer the following tips, not just on anchoring, but on other safety aspects of soccer goals:

· Make sure the soccer goal is anchored at all times.

· When goals are unattended, anchor or chain them together to a fence (folded-down position), or other sturdy structure.

· Store goals where children cannot get to them.

· Never allow anyone to climb or hang on a goal.

· Remove nets when a goal is not in use.

· Be sure the safety warning labels are visible and intact. Replace them when they are not.

· Consider padding the framework to prevent impact injuries.

· Keep soccer goals on level (flat) fields.

Scott Burton owned and operated a major playground/park manufacturing company and sold it to continue as an international safety consultant. In the industry since 1981, he now owns Safety Play Inc., and travels the United States as well as overseas. He is a Certified Playground Safety Inspector, and is also S.A.F.E.-certified by the National Program for Playground Safety. Burton can be reached via e-mail at

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