Soaring To New Heights

This girl is all smiles as she tackles the pool climbing wall.

“They have gotten the best response of any new product launch. People love them,” Corens says. “The climbing and jumping off are ways to experience positive risk-taking, which is seen as important to child development.”

The walls are available with both color panels and clear panels to accommodate any safety concerns and to complement the design of any facility.

“The clear panels facilitate visibility through to the pool and to areas on the pool deck, which enhances safety,” says Mertyce Mrvos, curriculum and marketing specialist at Everlast Climbing.

“The clear panels also coordinate with any indoor or outdoor décor. Plus, it’s fun for climbers who can see through the wall while climbing and for bystanders to watch climbers from either side.”

Tracy Carbasho is an award-winning journalist whose latest book, Nike, was released in late 2010. She has written for newspapers and magazines throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. She can be reached via email at


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