So You Are A Star

The press got all stirred up, and bitter fans had much to say. But the truth is, LeBron has been trying to rebuild his reputation after the wrecking ball hit it broadside when he took his talents to Miami many months back.

I think all of that happening was a result of taking himself way too seriously. And I would even venture to say if he had it to do over again, he would have stayed put in Cleveland.

The reality flash from a bucket of hot new 2012 rookies has made sure LeBron’s big Nikes stayed firmly planted in his throat. He is no longer the “awesome” draw he once was.

Still talented? You bet. Still at the top of his game? Mostly. But still the most loved player in the NBA? Not even close.

If he had seen himself as others were seeing him, perhaps the last year or so wouldn’t have been so rocky.

See, people loved him most when he was not so crazy about himself. When he began to take himself so seriously, he didn’t leave any room at the altar for his fan base.

He left them behind, hoped for their understanding, and lost the bet. They cut him loose and he has been trying to make up ground since.

Sometimes you hear of actors in a sitcom that can’t wait to quit the series and get a better role.

Maybe a baseball player who wants to get with a contender so he can be in a World Series. No obligation for him to lift the team he is on up; rather he

wants to be assigned somewhere where all the other pieces are in place and he can step in and get a ring.

Deep, man. Heavy. Only problem is, you didn’t “earn” it; you bought it ready-made.

So if the song that is important to you comes on and you add the drama, be sure it’s real. Here’s how you’ll know: Someone will say to you, “This song sounds like YOU, your life, your problem.”

The most true reflection of yourself is not the one you generously see in the mirror. Rather, it is the one people talk about when you are NOT in the room.

Listen for that some day; you may be surprised. Here you’re thinking your personal anthem is “I’m Too Sexy for my Shirt,” and the rest of the world thinks it’s “Domenic the Donkey.”

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Ron Ciancutti is the Purchasing Manager for Cleveland Metroparks. He is not on Facebook, but he can be reached at

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4 comments on “So You Are A Star

  1. Janet Adams on said:

    I have no idea what that article had to do with the field of Parks & Recreation, but it was the funniest darn article I’ve read in a long time. Great writer!

  2. Bernie Rangel on said:

    Thanks for the article. It fits most of our people in Washington and others who hold public office at this time.

  3. Where is that flake-o-meter? Let’s take it to a high school (any high school) and watch it explode!

  4. Robin on said:

    Aw geez Ron! Having a song touch you is not neccessarily “adding drama”. Music has an amazing power to reach the hidden parts of your being. The words of a song do not need to be literally translated. It may be the harmonies, it may be a special sequence of rhythm and melody that just sticks in your gut and speaks to you. Sure, we were all still a little new to hormones in college and things got dramatic but there’s no need to sneer at people who have been touched by the magic of music.

    Music has been part of our human culture for a very long time, and for a very good reason. Ever have a bad day and have a good tune put a smile back in your heart?

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