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The new ParksNReviews mobile app is up and running! We are sure your park patrons will love it, but we need your help in letting them know about it.

A picture of the beautiful fishing lake at the Medina County Park District’s Buckeye Woods, in Medina, Ohio.

So let’s have a little fun and make it a contest: Encourage your park visitors to download the app and use it to take a snapshot at your park. Then, ask them to post that picture to one of our Facebook pages, either ParksNReviews ( or PRB  (

The park or park district with the most photos each month wins a free T-shirt! That’s right, a fabulous T-shirt!

We’ll also showcase the photos in PRB and let you know which parks have been accessed by the app—how many times a park is checked into, how many reviews it has, what its ratings are.

So let’s get a little healthy competition going here! Here’s a link to help you market the mobile app to your park patrons:

They—and you!—can download the FREE iPhone or Android app here:

Your park isn’t in the app yet? It’s not too late to add it to our database of more than 13,000 parks. Here’s how:


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