Smiles Are Good Medicine

I think in our stress-inducing, pressure-cooking, “hurry up” society, too many of us have lost touch with the power and actual therapeutic value of a simple smile. This realization came to me recently as I have been doing some job re-training. I am learning the fine art of voice acting, also known as voice over. Nearly every time you listen to an advertisement on the radio, it’s a voice actor narrating. When you watch a TV ad where someone is …


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3 comments on “Smiles Are Good Medicine

  1. Thank you…after recently suffering a heart attack and being repeatedly told to reduce stress I’ve found that this is the best stress reliever, a smile. After too many meds, advice and books, for me it works. Again, thanks for the reminder as I prepare for two long days at work with a big SMILE on my face!

  2. Dan Downey on said:

    Thanks for the reminder. Unfortunately we all need to take time to give away more smiles as there seems to be a smile shortage lately. I do a lot of work over the phone and I truly believe that a customer can truly feel your smile even over the phone. Thanks for the smile and the upbeat and positive message. Sincerely, (with a smile) Dan Downey

  3. Gloria De La Cruz-Sandoval on said:

    If you’ll just smile…with budget cuts and other financial constraints you are so right in stating “a smile won’t cost anything” goodness this is something we can all afford to give away – yipee!
    I feel better already,

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