Simple Standards

To be considered the cream of the crop, workers have to play their “A” game every day. These new employees are now indispensable to their supervisors.

They come in early and go home late. They take work home and integrate their job with events happening around them. And when they see opportunities, they apply them to their job to make things better.

In a word, they are “connected.” They plug in to all the nuances in technology to make notes, keep their staff members and supervisors informed, and become living representations of the contracts and deals and rules for which they are responsible.

There is no “lazy way out” for the young upstarts today because they know if they wander too far off task, there is a replacement waiting in the wings who may take less money, but perhaps is willing to work that extra Saturday or do more homework than the last guy.

I didn’t like it when the simple man became the lazy man, and I am glad to see that market-driven factors are raising the bar again. I hope they acquire wisdom going forward and become the example their children and grandchildren need to see by having standards and living the life they set out to live back when the trail first began.

The new competition has brought a complexity to the notion of being a simple man, but if we’re careful, it doesn’t have to take the integrity out of it.

Ron Ciancutti is the Purchasing Manager for Cleveland Metroparks. He is not on Facebook, but he can be reached at



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