Serving Up A Victory

Selecting the latter option not only put Brewster on the cutting edge of tennis, but also made practical and economic sense. QuickStart Tennis courts attract more kids to a facility, thus increasing demand for tennis programming, particularly during the summer months. And best of all, the four courts, 78 feet by 36 feet, can be converted into 16 courts, 39 feet by 18 feet, meaning the facility can be converted into a veritable Kids’ Tennis Festival with the help of a few portable nets.

The QuickStart Tennis format is also an easy sell in the community, as it introduces kids to tennis in a safe way, all while providing the exercise growing children need to stay healthy and fit. Under the old, traditional tennis model, kids lined up, hit a ball or two, and then shuffled back to the end of the line. But with the QuickStart Tennis play format, kids are rallying and playing soon after they take to the court, all while engaging in a terrific aerobic exercise.

And there are benefits for the 11-and-over set as well. When not used for kids’ programming, the four full-sized courts leave plenty of opportunities to host USTA League or Flex League play, and open up the facility to allow for lessons and camps for kids and adults.

The new Brewster Community Tennis Courts officially opened in May 2010 to rave reviews. Players of all ages and ability levels have taken advantage of the new facility, reviving Brewster tennis and creating a new gathering spot for a tight-knit tennis community.

“It’s just so cool seeing generations of people enjoying the courts,” Allegrone says. “We’re seeing more people out here every day–kids, par¬ents, grandparents, everyone. Brewster is officially now a tennis town.”

E.J. Crawford is a writer/editor for the United States Tennis Association. For more information, visit

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