Selecting Sod

Another important installation step is staggering the pieces while keeping tight edges–this allows for minimal weed growth while the turf is taking root. It’s also important to begin watering new turf within 30 minutes of installation.

In addition to following BMPs, a comprehensive program that is proactive rather than reactive is recommended; inputs, including water, chemicals and maintenance, can be reduced if a proactive approach is developed. Learning about the local areas’ environmental conditions, soil types and proper turf-variety selection will be beneficial for preserving resources.

If upgrading to a drought-resistant turfgrass is not economically viable, consider following the BMPs with the sod you have. This will provide a better opportunity to reduce the environmental impact and improve your bottom line.

Steve Yeskulsky is a CPRP currently working in the parks and recreation industry in Sarasota, Fla. He can be reached via e-mail at

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