Sample Youth Sports Facility Agreement




(Association Name)


The City of Peachtree City, Recreation Department

BACKGROUND: The City of Peachtree City is fortunate to have volunteers who execute youth sports programs on behalf of the City. In this unique partnership, the City provides manpower, budget and resources to construct and maintain quality sports fields and facilities. Youth sports associations provide volunteer personnel, and in some cases paid staff, to staff, organize, plan and administer outstanding youth sports programs. Together, this team ensures that wholesome, healthy and enjoyable recreation activities are available to literally thousands of youth in the City. While the City Administration does not get closely involved with the structure, organization or administration of Association operations, the City Recreation Department must remain accountable and responsible to citizens for any actions taken on its behalf by any affiliate organization, including youth sports associations. Since the City provides valuable assets that are funded by tax paying citizens and the city allows use of these assets to the Associations, Associations must be prepared to provide their services in consonance with existing City policies, ordinances and good business practices. In addition, there may be times when the city is asked to become involved in issues related to association operations. In these instances, the association must be prepared to cooperate with the Parks and Recreation Department, the Recreation Commission or the City Council to resolve issues in cases not specifically covered by this agreement.


1. The Association agrees to provide a RECREATIONAL youth sports program as a service for the City. In return for providing the youth sports program and for fulfilling the other requirements of this Agreement, the City hereby waives all usual fees for field usage, which are routinely charged to other non-affiliated organizations. Such fees may be levied, however, if it is determined that fields are being used to subsidize individual income of paid or volunteer Association staff, or that events are outside of routine Association activities.

2. The term of this Agreement will begin ____________________ and continue through

________________. A new agreement must be signed annually. Either party may terminate this agreement, provided written notice is given at least thirty (30) days in advance.

3. The City agrees to authorize the ___________________________________________

(Association Name)

to use the field(s) and facilities on a non-exclusive basis to conduct a recreational program at the following locations:



This agreement includes use of all support structures, unless otherwise specified:

For purposes of this agreement, a recreational program is designed as a program where all

children who register under existing guidelines will be able to play on a team that matches their age and ability. This agreement also covers other Georgia State sponsored youth sports, such as traveling teams, All Star teams. As such, these programs fall under the same policies of this agreement.

4. The Association must provide annually, prior to the beginning of their first (or only) playing season, to the Recreation Department the current versions of:

– a list of Board of Directors and/or Association Officers

– a current roster of participants, to show how many youth participate, and where they reside (individual city or out of county)

– a proposed budget for the upcoming year

– a complete financial statement from the previous year

– current set of by-laws, with amendments if applicable

- proof of liability insurance/certificate of insurance coverage: coverage should include, at a minimum, one million dollars with not less than $1,000 deductible per incident or claim

5. Each Association is responsible for the appropriate certification of coaches in accordance with the rules and requirements of their governing organizations. Records of certification may be requested by the Recreation Department, but are not a requirement at this time.

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