Regrouping For Youth

Pottery making is another way to bring camp fun indoors.

Bowling. This is an activity kids really enjoy, and most bowling alleys give a reduced rate for children.

Dance Competition. Those with a Wii can create a dance competition using the game “Just Dance.” It gets kids moving, whether they are competing or not. Those who don’t have the game console can always bring in music and play “Freeze Dance,” in which anyone who is still dancing when the music is turned off is eliminated, until there is only person left. Hula-hoop competitions are also a good addition to dance competitions for those looking for variety.

Driving Range. If there is a golf course nearby, a good trip by bike or in a nature walk will work. Both boys and girls enjoy the driving range, and moms and dads are usually willing to send a golf club in for the child to use for the day.

Books. Set aside an hour of reading time at least three days per week. Include a library trip when possible. Ask children to bring books if library access is not possible. Have students track their reading progress on a chart. See if the local schools have a “battle of the books” list for the campers to pursue.

Pottery Painting. Painting pottery is incredibly enjoyable for kids, especially with the variety of items they can make. If there is a pottery-painting location nearby, add it to your schedule. Ask in advance for a list of items the company has to offer to allow parents to send for the items their child wants to paint. Mini footballs, dinosaur stencils, paper weights, and even fridge magnets are a reasonable selection. Keep the list simple and low cost. You don’t want some kids to bring home large statues, while others are toting magnets.

Many ideas can be generated just by getting to know businesses in the community. Drive around and think about how your program and local businesses can benefit by offering a free activity.

While parents typically do not like extra fees, most are willing to pay for a day’s food or for a field trip to the zoo or a local attraction. Try to include the fees in registration costs to avoid any complaints later.

Remember that the more memorable the activity, the more likely kids will want to return!

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