Customer Testimonials

Love the story on the metal desks! I have had many of these in my career, especially with the green top! Way to make me smile on a Monday morning!

Lisa Bowman

Recreation Supervisor

Elyria Parks & Recreation Department

Elyria, Ohio

Fred Engh — Sports Spotlight, Handshake Can Have Bigger Impact


I wanted to let you know that the Athletic/Fitness section of the Washington Recreation and Park Association took to heart your August 2009 PRB Sports Spotlight (Don’t Hide The Handshake) article about making the handshake a pre-game activity.

Thank you for your article,

Clarissa Ruston

Recreation Coordinator

Auburn Parks, Arts & Recreation

Auburn, Wash.

Dr. Panza — Survey Gives Reader A Closer Look

Dr. Panza,

We just read your article on breaking down the data in risk management in the February issue of PRB (A Closer Look). It is helpful to look at these stats from an industry-wide basis.

Thanks for taking the time to publicize the survey and consolidate results!

Robert Davis

MWR Specialist

Chesapeake, Va.

Rodney J. Auth — Publisher’s Note, Gripes Give Way To Opportunities


I read your February [Publisher’s Note] with a smile; those complaint phone calls are so much fun. One of my first complaint calls resulted in me offering the complainer a job–it was one of my best moves as a recreation professional. She has been an asset to our program for 15 years and we have done some great things.

Doug DeFabio

Recreation Supervisor

Community Services Department

Vacaville, Calif.

Web Comments

“Reading your article has fortified what I have been trying to add to our programming. Thank you for the suggestions.” (Tips Of The Trade, By Silvana Clark, PRB December 2009)

–Karen Bixler

Recreation Manager

“I really enjoyed the pointers for anyone building a splash park and will keep them for future reference. One thing that I thought of that wasn’t mentioned was the possibility of incorporating a small splash park for toddlers in conjunction with a swimming pool. The water for the swimming pool could be used for the park and returned to the pool. Thanks for the articles; I really get a lot out of them.” (Appealing To The Masses, By Tammy York, PRB November 2009)

–Dale Westrick

Trustee, Watertown Township, Mich.

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