Q & A – Age Restrictions at Fitness Centers

Children ages 11 to 15 can work out on all equipment (strength training and/or cardiovascular), provided that they meet the same requirements mentioned above (release, orientation and parent supervision).

Our biggest concern, in addition to frame (body) size was the maturity of the participants. We felt that we needed to ensure the child’s, as well as others’, safety. Our answer to this concern was the active supervision requirement.

The reason that we have restricted children ages 8 to 10 to cardiovascular equipment, is due to the frame size and that very few machines (unless youth-specific machines are acquired) will fit the average child that age.

Additionally, we have offered fitness camps and speed conditioning programs in our fitness centers for the same age groups.

Good luck! It is a worthy cause!

James E. Engelhardt

Division Manager–Fitness, Sports and Special Facilities

Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department

Kettering, Ohio


In Dublin, our age limit for the fitness area is 16. At this age, they can be unaccompanied by an adult. We found out early that there was a programming need for pre-teens in the fitness area, so we created a “Junior Fitness Card” program. Upon completion of this instructional program, kids ages 12 to 15 can use the fitness center unaccompanied by an adult. The program covers rules, equipment function, correct form, fitness floor etiquette, etc. The Junior Fitness Card kids must carry their class completion card that we issue (photo ID) with them at all times when they are using the floor and present it to any staff member who asks for it.

I’m very interested to see the results that you get from other facilities.

Tracey D. Uhl, M.S., CPRP

Recreation Administrator–Operations

Dublin Community Recreation Center

Dublin, Ohio

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