Whether your organization is located in a struggling urban area, a rural region losing its best and brightest, or a suburb populated by overscheduled, isolated individualists, a heartfelt discussion among your staff and residents may produce a list of cherished values, such as community, prosperity and family. Developing the PVMGO from this list requires creating a series of concise (25 words or fewer) statements flowing from one to the next, and referring back again:

P = We believe that healthy, caring families establish the vital sense of community that promotes prosperity for all.

V = By supporting families, we will create a nurturing culture that attracts like-minded people and encourages them to become committed contributors to building our community.

M = We provide exciting, innovative and beneficial programs encouraging families to play together by recognizing and fulfilling their individual and collective needs.

G = Focus Group Survey Design Needs ID Analysis… Plan Promote Implement Evaluate Modify

Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Sep Oct.

O = Recruit focus group participants Joe October 1-14

Order pizza for focus group Joe November 1

Synthesize group remarks Amy November 2-30

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Oh, Sal, forget the beer.

Kim Uhlik is Assistant Professor in the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies at San Jose State University, where he coordinates its Leadership and Administration emphasis.

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