Put The Fun In Fundraising!

Lefler has seen his team go from an informal group that “whoever shows up plays” to one that competes in 12 tournaments a year. This year, the team has earned six wins and placed in the top five in the rest.

Lefler considers all year as dodgeball season, which is another great aspect of the sport–it can be played inside or outside–so a team is not locked into a certain season. Many recreation teams have ongoing sessions, so if one session does not fit a team’s schedule, it can easily work into the next session.

Growing In Popularity

Many adults find dodgeball to be the perfect blend of exercise and enjoyment. Players emphasize how important it is to work on speed and flexibility, and all those hours of cardio exercise will pay off. Adults love the competitive nature of the game and with a little conditioning, a pair of tennis shoes and a ball, anyone can play.

As the popularity of the sport grows, many recreation centers are finding it a great option for its members. Personal trainers say the key to sticking with a fitness plan is to find a workout or a sport you enjoy. Judging by the growing numbers, that includes dodgeball.

Pam Kutsick is a freelance writer and contributor to Parks & Rec Business magazine. She can be reached via e-mail at pkutsick@zoominternet.net.

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