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National Ticket Celebrates 100th Anniversary

Shamokin, Pa.—National Ticket Company is this year celebrating 100 years of providing ticketing and admission products to a variety of markets (camps, sports, parks and recreation, amusement, entertainment, etc.) in over 70 countries. The company, now one of the largest ticket producers in the world, is still family-owned and -operated.

For more information, please call (800) 829-0829 or visit

Classics Now Available in Silver Metallic

Pottsville, Pa.—United Receptacle’s Classics are now available in Silver Metallic power-coated finish. The finish provides the popular look of stainless steel without the high cost or maintenance issues. The company claims the finish is ideal for outdoor use because it provides a superior resistance to scratches and stains. The line is available in 51-gallon and 25-gallon sizes, and features rigid, black plastic liners, leg-levelers for uneven surfaces and custom color options.

For more information, call (800) 233-0314 or visit

Easi-Set Industries Launches New Web Site

Midland, Va.—Easi-Set Industries launched an expanded Web site featuring its pre-cast concrete buildings. The new Web site is designed to offer customers comprehensive product information, including a broad range of building applications, finishes, brochures and producer lists. The company claims its transportable, pre-cast buildings offer a lifetime maintenance-free solution to most building needs, come in a variety of sizes, and are weather-tight. Buildings are produced by local manufacturers throughout North America and can be transported to your site and installed in as little as a few hours.

For more information, call (866) 252-8210 or visit

55-Gallon Garbage Barrel Covers

Webster, N.Y.—Kwik-Cover has introduced the Kwik-Can Cover, a new way to cover 55-gallon garbage barrels. The new cover (a plastic sleeve with elastic at the top and bottom) is designed to simply slide over your existing metal or plastic garbage barrels, hiding dents, scratches and rust, and leaving you with a clean, pleated look. Kwik-Can Covers are packaged 50-per carton and are stocked in white, black, royal blue and black-and-white check.

For more information, call (315) 498-9253 or visit

Brush-cutter for Continuous Medium-Level Work

Newport News, Va.—Solo Inc. has introduced the Model 142 brush-cutter, which the company claims is ideal for continuous, medium-level work. The new cutter is designed to work at low revolutions, which results in less noise, fewer fumes and longer life. The new cutter also features an anti-vibration system that uses flexible elements to connect engine and shaft to the bicycle handle, a two-cycle 40.7 cc gas engine, three-part crankshaft and two-shoe centrifugal clutch.

For more information, call (516) 781-3761 or visit

Kid’s Picnic Tables

Cherokee, Iowa—Pilot Rock has introduced a picnic table designed to better-fit children and their activities. Designed to accommodate children to age 11, the new table’s seats are 12 inches high, and its tabletop is 22 inches high. The new table is available in three lengths (4-, 6-, or 8 feet) and three materials (lumber, aluminum, 100-percent recycled plastic). Standard, full-sized tables are also available.

For more information, call (712) 225-5115 or visit

Athletic Field-Marking Machine

Aurora, Colo.—Newstripe Inc. has introduced the All-Pro 3, a self-propelled field-marking machine, which is a re-design of the previous All-Pro II. The company claims the new machine is faster, 35 pounds lighter, 5 inches shorter, has better traction, and is less expensive ($2,895). The company claims the machine’s 12-gallon tank holds enough material to strip a typical practice football field, and its bi-directional spray heads and adjustable line width (2-6 inches) allow you to save money by laying down less material for practices than for games.

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