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Skatepark Catalog

WOODBRIDGE, Va. — Ramptech offers a full-color, 24-page catalog for its line of modular skatepark systems. The catalog includes the anatomy of a ramp, the company’s ramp systems and ramp models, the anatomy of a skatepark, sample park layouts, creating your own skatepark with Skatepark Creator, the riding surfaces, a Q&A section and site locations around the world. Ramp systems and models include renderings with size specifications. For more information, call (888) RAMPTECH or go to

Skatepark Obstacles

MINNEAPOLIS — Skatewave introduces its Urban Series line of skatepark equipment. The series is modeled after items found on city streets and plazas, including picnic tables, benches, stairs, fire hydrants and highway barriers. The items are designed specifically for riders and can be grouped together to create the feeling of an urban plaza, or paired with quarter pipes, launch boxes and other obstacles to bring a street-skating dimension to traditional skateparks. The first item in the Urban Series is a 6-foot Skate Table, which has a tubular steel frame topped with 11-gauge steel support plates. Polyethylene “boards” are attached to the steel plates for grinding performance. The two-inch thick grinding boards are also interchangeable. It weighs over 500 pounds and is constructed with stainless steel tamper-resistant hardware. The top surface is 27.5″ high and its benches are 15″ high. PVC-coated steel panels fill the spaces between the benches and the top of the table. The Urban Series also includes two height-adjustable Skate Benches that measure six feet in length. Buyers can pick between height ranges of 11″-15″ or 16″-20″. The Urban Series also includes its new Skate Stairs, a bright red Fire Hydrant, a 14″ Kicker Launch Ramp and two Skate Barriers that can be filled with sand or water for added stability. For more information, call (866) SK8-WAVE (758-9283), or go to

Adjustable Child’s Table

MAGNOLIA, Ark. — Southern Aluminum introduces the Al-u-lite Child’s Table, which is available in 16″ to 24″ adjustable heights. The legs adjust in one-inch increments, featuring a safety push button, which prevents children from adjusting the legs. The Child’s Table is offered in a variety of colors (including primary colors) and various tabletop sizes. The company says they are heat-resistant, rust- and dent-proof, and will not melt or warp under extreme weather conditions. For more information, call (800) 221-0408 or go to

Campfire Rings & Cooksites

CHEROKEE, Iowa — Pilot Rock Park Equipment offers a larger diameter campfire ring. The group campfire rings can be 48″ or 56″ in diameter, with several side height options, ranging from 7″ to 18″ tall. Standard equipment includes a cooking grate. They can be fabricated without the cooking grate, and there’s also a choice of several optional anchoring systems to keep the ring secured. Campfire ring designs providing wheelchair accessibility are also available. For more information, call (712) 225-5115 or go to

Drinking Fountains

Most Dependable Fountains Inc. offers pedestal drinking fountains. Multiple options are available on each foutain, including attached pet fountain, jug filler, hose bib with locking cover, hand wash station, foot wash, hose hook, leash hook and a plaque. Additional options include valve boxes, sand catch basins, chillers, surface carriers, sand strainers and cut-off valves. For more information, call (800) 552-6331 or go to

Log Roll

FORT PAYNE, Ala. — GameTime’s new Log Roll is a molded round timber with “beaver” sculpted ends. The Log Roll features tactile “bark” and woodland creatures that chase each other as the component rolls around. The company says that children will improve their balancing skills while performing a cardiovascular-enhancing rolling motion on the new design. For more information call (800) 235-2440 or go to

Waste Container

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