Pre-Season Prep

Multi-Use, Multi-Season Fields

Many of you maintain fields that are used nearly year round if not all year round. On these fields you must look for windows of opportunity to do the work that needs to be done whether or not it is the best time agronomically.

Try to aerify whenever you can; it is one of the best cultural practices you can do for your fields. If you are concerned with the time constraints and clean up of core aerification use solid tines.

Keep nutrient levels moderate to high with slow release or a combination of slow and quick release nitrogen sources to keep grass growing without a flush of growth. And, in the case of cool season grasses, keep viable seed in the ground at all times.

Dale Getz is a Certified Sport Field Manager (CSFM) for The Toro Company. Getz has 18 years of experience in turf management, including 12 years as the athletic facilities manager at the University of Notre Dame.

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