PRB Seeking Contributors

Do you have an article you have been thinking of writing for PRB?

Now is the time to look over the list of topics we are seeking for our upcoming November and December issues.


Deadline: August 16

Theme: Food Service & Concessions

· Aquatic Centers & Natatoriums

· Special Events

· Playgrounds

· Multi-Use Fields


Deadline: September 15

Theme: Facility Maintenance

· Restrooms & Locker Rooms

· Facility Maintenance

· Park Maintenance — Green Solutions

· Irrigation & Drainage

Not only will you have a published article to your credit, it’s a great opportunity to connect with an audience of 30,000 readers and expose topics that may be on the minds of others.

And it’s a way to draw attention to projects in your city/park district.

If you have a submission to be considered, e-mail it to PRB editor Christine Sima at If you have any questions, e-mail her or call her at 866-444-4216 x221.

If you have an article in the works to be considered, please let her know and she can work with you on the details.

Don’t see your idea on the list? Let’s talk about it.

Please note: Vendors, advertisers and potential advertisers do not qualify for this offer. For advertising information, contact sales representative Tony Culiano.

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