PNR App On Times Square Mobile App is rapidly approaching its July launch date. As part of the rollout, we’ve started to spread the word to major media networks. The result has been awesome.

So far, our information has been picked up by over 300 news organizations AND displayed on video boards in both Times Square (NY) and Las Vegas.

If your agency wants to have your parks included in the app, you need to log in to your Insider Account before July 1 and add your locations. 

To create a FREE Insider Account, simply start/renew your FREE subscription to PRB (Parks & Rec Business)magazine.

There is no cost to participate – now or in the future.

Once you create a park listing, it automatically goes live on and is automatically included in the mobile app. Essentially, you receive a free one-page website for each of your parks, plus the exposure of being in the mobile app.

It’s a wonderful program that has been very well received.

Please feel free to spread the word to neighboring agencies who may be interested.

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