Playground Fencing

ยท State of Florida laws on child-care centers. Chapter 65C-22, has the following basic requirements:

–Play area is fenced in accordance with accepted safety practices and local ordinances to prevent access by children to all water hazards (pools, ditches, ponds).

–Fence (and gate) are continuous without gaps that allow children to exit play area.

–Base of fence is at ground level.

–Fence or wall is at least 48 inches high.

–No fence is required if all of the following standards are met for school-age children:

1) Children in play area are at least 5 years old.

2) An additional (to the ratios) staff member is present.

3) Outdoor area is bordered (protected) from a public street with speed limits of or less than 25 mph (posted or not) or if equal to or less than 35 mph, and the playground is a minimum of 30 feet from the road.

4) Licensing agency gives permission to the center to have no fence.

Scott Burton owned and operated a major playground/park manufacturing company and sold it to continue as an international safety consultant. In the industry since 1981, he now owns Safety Play Inc., and travels the United States as well as overseas. He is a Certified Playground Safety Inspector, and is also S.A.F.E.-certified by the National Program for Playground Safety. Burton can be reached via e-mail at

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