Phone It In

As I write this missive, it is Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2012, and I was just reminded by my 17-year-old son that I am 59 years old today. He seems to take great pleasure pointing out how old that is, from his perspective. I guess 59 does seem old to a teenager, but in my mind I am just getting started. In 1953, things were so much simpler than the world my son faces. Growing up on a Wisconsin farm was …


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3 comments on “Phone It In

  1. Dan Downey on said:

    Thanks for your story. Keep em coming.
    Life on the farm I am sure is very different in today’s world of technology.
    Do people still milk cows by hand?
    Glad to hear that the new P & R App will help folks to find those great Playgrounds.
    Dan Downey / Miracle Recreation of Michigan & Indiana

  2. Brian W. Flaherty on said:


    The change in the amount and type of technology continues to amaze me. Although these advances can benefit us, I think it is important to “unplug” from time to time. This is something I stress to my own kids and try to do myself as well. Our profession has the capability to allow for people to engage in parks and programs to benefit their health and well being.
    Sometimes that means it’s good to unplug..

  3. Brian: Unplugging is good, I agree, but I think more and more of our lives are tied to “comm” and we’re finding it harder and harder to do it. I read the Editor’s Welcome in the most recent Southern Living magazine and he was talking about how nice it is just to unplug and drive down country roads with no maps, GPS or cell phone. But he lamented that he rarely ever had the chance anymore because he couldn’t break away from the cell phone, email, texts, Tweets, Facebook notices and so on… I think we have way more communication than we as humans were ever meant to absorb…Thanks for your comments…Randy

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