Partnering To Meet Common Goals

Storm-Water Management

Partnering with the regulatory agencies such as storm-water management is critical because the drainage for the fields is paramount. The complex system is designed to drain the water from the field as quickly as possible, yet store the runoff below the field or in a storage facility, such as underground pipes or ponds, to avoid flooding downstream. Many agencies are not familiar with the requirements of synthetic fields and the principles of engineering so the fields drain correctly. Contracting an engineer

Photo Courtesy Of © Can Stock Photo Inc. / dehooks

Photo Courtesy Of © Can Stock Photo Inc. / dehooks

experienced in field design is critical, as the calculations are more accurate if based on research and experience to limit their impact and cost to retain extra runoff. CHA Sports engineered the drainage system at the CASL site to meet local codes so the fields can quickly drain and play can resume immediately after a storm. Tournaments can be completed even in poor weather.

Advice For Success

Those agencies that might be considering a conversion to synthetic turf should be aware of the additional equipment needed to maintain fields, including a groomer, extra materials such as rubber infill and turf, and brush attachments. When designing a new field, other furnishings will be needed, such as fencing and netting to control errant kicks, as well as goals and lighting controls that can be programmed via a laptop or through the web. Although irrigation can benefit play, it is generally discouraged because of added costs and the concern of increasing humidity on fields in the Southeast (except as needed for washing the field if spills or injuries occur).

David Berra, ASLA, works for the city of Raleigh, N.C. Reach him at

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