What if those officials ask the factory if those 15 acres of unused wooded land along the borders of its property are really needed?

What if that factory owner gets an appeal from that board that says he could donate the land to the park and it would be upgraded and maintained and actually provide enhancement to the factory employees’ lunch hour and further provide a tax break to the owner?

Who else could offer such a novel idea but a park and recreation institution?

The upside to the factory owner is more than evident. The upside to the community is also obvious. The upside to the park and recreation institution includes expansion of land and possibly additional jobs in maintenance, creating more opportunity in the community.

The downside? Well, is there one? Not that I can see.

Look folks, the point of this story is very much like the point of so many of my stories. You can choose to be a typical, average worker and perform your day in a manner that is acceptable. Put in your day, stuff envelopes every levy time and hope the annual increase is as big as last year.

Or you can choose to make a difference, step up, and create rather than simply maintain. Make the conscious decision to work your day as if the contribution you make will make a difference; because it certainly can.

Park and recreation institutions have a privilege that many companies would love to have and that is simply that the nuances and novelties they create are newsworthy.

That fair advantage can almost ensure success at the launch of a project with minimal expenditure and substantial exposure. Are you going to sit back and watch or are you going to create something to see?

As always, it’s up to you.

Ronald D. Ciancutti is the purchasing manager for Cleveland Metroparks, a metropolitan park system that encircles Cuyahoga County and includes more than 20,000 acres of natural land, six golf courses, seven nature centers, a variety of special interest facilities and the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Ron can be reached at

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