Music Soothes The Savage Beast

A song came on my car radio the other day that I hadn’t heard in a long time, and it suddenly brought me back to my teenage years, my first car and my first 8-track cassette, “Kenny Rogers and the First Edition.” It struck me how hearing the song (Something’s Burning) from that era instantly brought me back several decades, like I was the main character in a Stephen King novel. I swear I smelled the oil burning in my …


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6 comments on “Music Soothes The Savage Beast

  1. Karen Green on said:

    We are blessed as our area promotes and supports the arts. We encourage and provide venues for those who wish to develop skills and hone their craft as well as for those who desire to showcase the same. Music transcends many demographics and can bring together people who otherwise would be unlikely to encounter one another and even more unlikely to initiate a conversation. It is amazing how singing a refrain can break down walls and have people begin to share memories of what the lyrics mean to them or how it made them look at things from a different angle. It is also enlightening to discover that mothers around the world sing similar songs or the same ones to their babies.

    It is a truly awesome experience to attend a summer concert and to see the interaction between young and old and with so much diversity dancing to or singing with whomever is performing.

    May this weekend find us all with a song in our hearts and surrounded by the magic of music.

    • Randy on said:

      You indeed struck a chord (pun intended) with the observation that music can bind divergent people together. Music can truly be a universal language…

  2. D Reed on said:

    I, like you, have played in many bands doing different musical genres over the years. Having said that, many of the songs I played affect me the same way when I hear them again, taking me back to the wonderful aroma of dim-lit coffee shops, smokey bistros and faded faces of the band I was playing in at the time. (Also to the horrible dated hairstyle or outfit I might have had on). Yes, music mimics life, and is best said as in that great musical selection “If it ain’t got that swing then it don’t mean a thing….do wop do wop do wop!”

  3. Gloria De La Cruz-Sandoval on said:

    Music will take the soul where some can’t get on their own! The old brings forth life from the lessons learned, times shared and the pleasure of who and where we were in life. Likewise the new tells of what’s to come. Both fill our lives with what was, what is and what’s to become. They are stories always well worth sharing. Here’s a new one that affords you the opportunity to fill in the blanks over the guitar solo; “Appreciate What you Got” By Terry Hanck, Greasy Soul Rockin’ Blues. Enjoy the music!

  4. Robin on said:

    Music is absolutely essential for me. If I ever have a tough day that I just can’t shake, whether it be frustrating, sad, or just harried..all I need to do to find peace is sit with my guitar. Some times just tuning is enough. Other days picking through scales is needed. Sometimes playing the same song over and over again. Seems to amplify the good days too.

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