More In Tune Or More To Tune In?

My God, look at Japan. People clinging to rooftops for days; loved ones washed out to sea; all of their personal possessions never to be recovered; entire trains and boats full of people just disappeared; eruptions coming on top of tsunamis, coming on top of earthquakes. Nuclear power plants shaking apart and leaking dangerous gases into the air. One piece of news footage spoke for all the desperation of the people. It showed a woman sitting on a beach just …


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2 comments on “More In Tune Or More To Tune In?

  1. Mary D. on said:

    I agree with you Ron. I never heard of a tsunami until a few years ago. Being connected to “Our World” is eye-opening. Hearing of world disasters is a bit scary, but shows you what can happen to “our things” in a blink of an eye. I would love to help those in need, but with all the scammers I’m not sure how. Does anyone have a suggestion?

  2. Cheryl Plankey on said:

    Hi Ron,
    Honestly, I do not know what to think…
    My first thoughts were, yes this is scarey, more natural disasters, more wars, is the world coming to an end?????
    Or, like you said, are we just hearing more about everything now because of advanced technology.
    I tend to lean more towards the later, as for one, it is too painful to think the world may be coming to an end. Secondly, I feel life is cyclical and events do not stay the same.
    Personally, I keep a postive attitude because I know all too well that our life on earth can end at any time and all too quickly.
    My thoughts & prayers are with the people of Japan and that their belief in Confucianism gives them strength to carry on.
    Peace on Earth, Cheryl

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