The whirring of the fax machine and the pinging of my Inbox are sure signs that yet another issue of PRB (Parks & Rec Business) has hit the street.

Normally, I just collect all the correspondence, respond to those that require it and hand them off to our managing editor who publishes a selection of them in our This-N-That department. But, this month, I thought I’d highlight one particular e-mail because, quite frankly, I thought it was funny:

From: Julianne Blackburn

Sent: Tuesday, September 15, 2009 4:20 PM

To: rodney@northstarpubs.com

Subject: Publisher’s note


I’m a big fan of your publication (especially the writings of Ron Ciancutti) and today I received your magazine. I read your “Closing Time” entry and I consider myself a “child of the 90’s” but was born in 1982. When I read Matchbox Twenty in your article, I thought “It wasn’t Matchbox who sang that song” so I looked it up. It was actually Semisonic.

I don’t want to come off as any sort of know-it-all, but if there was a Jeopardy! category titled 90s music … that would be the only category where I would get any points. J (smiley face) Have a great day! (Keep up the good work.)

Julianne Corinne Blackburn

Recreation Supervisor

City of Greenville, NC, Recreation & Parks Department



I know – how embarrassing.

I actually figured this out about a week ago when I was driving. The song came on XM Radio and when I looked at the screen, it said the song was by Semisonic.

I drove the rest of the way thinking, “That can’t be right.” After all, I had “Googled” the song to find out who sang it and even had a spirited debate with my creative director on how to spell Matchbox Twenty (was it Twenty or 20).

Obviously, Google (and my fact-checking efforts) failed. Well, kind of failed. Best I can figure is that Matchbox Twenty covered the song at some point and I didn’t dig far enough. Of course, when I Googled “Closing Time” again, Semisonic came up first. Go figure.

Regardless, thanks for letting me know. Because of your eagle-eyed efforts (and because you took the time to write) I’m sending you the much-coveted PRB pen. You can use it to write another letter!

Glad you enjoy the magazine.


Rodney J. Auth


How is this relevant to anything?

This month’s issue is always a bit of a bear to put to bed. The Buyer’s Guide section in particular is full of important details that have to be checked, re-checked and then checked again.

I assure you, we did not use Google–and the whole staff was involved–so I’m sure we got it right. And, if we didn’t, I’m equally sure one of you will let me know–hopefully with a smiley face.


Rodney J. Auth


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