Make Partnerships Possible

Count newspaper inches or TV minutes, then multiply the numbers by the cost of advertising in those media to get a sense of the dollar value of the publicity the agency generated. These strategies will help track performance level with sponsors, as well as help them gauge the value of their sponsorship dollars with the agency.

A well-designed, well-executed sponsorship program will establish an interactive link with the community while simultaneously developing and enhancing affinities with targeted sponsors. It will provide an agency with a positive and highly visible community profile, and, ultimately, become its own revenue stream.

Allison Niemela, CPRP, is the director of marketing and public relations for the Batavia Park District. She serves on the Illinois Park and Recreation Association’s Board of Directors for the Communications and Marketing Section, and is also the founder and chairman for the C & M Boot Camp. She can be reached at (630) 879-5235 or

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One comment on “Make Partnerships Possible

  1. Sharon Brooks on said:

    I appreciate the easy-to-follow tips on obtaining sponsorships and donations. It is evident that you have tested some strategies and provided us with the tried and true that work for you. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

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