Make Filter Media Last

Like any other pool component, filter media must be maintained to ensure a long and productive life. But what exactly does that mean? Are pool operators doing what is expected to stretch every dollar to capacity? Take a look at the recommendations below for backwashing and cleaning a cartridge filter properly. How often should a filter be backwashed? Backwashing is defined as the process of cleaning a swimming-pool filter by reversing the flow of water through the filter. Only sand …


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2 comments on “Make Filter Media Last

  1. Bill Rich on said:

    Nice article however just a few comments. The sand in sand filters last forever as long as you take good care of it. You do not need to replace the top layer of sand every year. Keep your water balanced properly and you should not have to replace it. DE is thrown away each time you backwash the filters. If it is a bump D.E system the media will last as long as you are able to get good filter runs. Once you are unable to get the filter run you want between backwashing then it is time to clean the filter and add new media. Most bump DE filters do not use DE. They use a material made from wood pulp. Much better for the enviroment. With cartridge filters you should always have a second set of filters so you can run the pool while you are cleaning the cartridge filters that are dirty. You don’t want any down time for your pool. If you take good care of your cartridge filters they can last up to a year. Again keep the water balanced to make them last longer and don’t wait too long to clean.

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