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For adults who need to swim due to injuries, disabilities or age, consider offering a program that meets their specific rehabilitative needs or interests. For example, arthritis aquatic programs are a great way for adults with disabilities or mobility problems to enjoy a freedom of movement they can’t get in other areas of their life.

Building these programs can be a challenge. One good way, at least in our experience, is to partner with local assisted-living facilities or doctors/therapists. Often these businesses have their own transportation and are on the lookout for fun, cost-effective activities they can offer their patrons. Many times, it’s a win-win.

Problem: Yikes! I Need Help Scheduling Pool Times

Solution: Let your computer do the work. Software solutions for pools are extremely helpful in freeing up time. You tell the computer which programs you have and their length of time. The computer software helps you fit them all in. Programs such as EZ Facility and BookKing offer free trial periods. Try them out by visiting and

Shift your focus and put some extra energy into your pool. Get your staff motivated and start brainstorming how you can make these ideas unique to your facility. You’ll be amazed at how a little extra effort can really get everyone involved in driving up your patronage numbers. Happy swimming!

Kati Trammel is the advertising and public relations account executive for MCCS Marketing, Semper Fit Retail, Food and Beverage, based in Okinawa, Japan. She can be reached at

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