Maintenance Pros, Listen Up!

How do you professionals do it? What challenges are you facing? Have you overcome a challenge with an idea that you can share? Have you come to a point where you’re ready to reach out to the vast pool of experience embodied in PRB readership and ask for help? 

That’s what LBWA is here for. My goal is to make this column the go-to place for parks and rec maintenance professionals to discuss maintenance issues. I would also like to hear from other parks and rec staff besides those in maintenance; those members also have a perspective because proper maintenance can often be the difference between a successful program and one that generates complaints.

I will be reaching out to departments all over the world. I’ll be calling, talking with people in the field, asking questions, getting ideas, and sharing them in this column.  

I want to find out firsthand what you are facing and how you are coping. 

I’m even planning to do some “Ride-Alongs” within a reasonable distance of my physical location, 30 miles south ofAtlanta, and “Cyber-Ride-Alongs” anywhere in the world. I want to be in the truck, on the mower, on the tractor, and even walking the fields and facilities with you. 

Modern technology also enables fast information-sharing. The digital version of PRB enables you to comment immediately at the end of each column, so you can add your ideas, experiences, or questions. This can lead to some helpful discussions, producing quick solutions for many professionals. 

Are you excited yet? I am! This is a new concept, so we’ll be breaking ground together. But there is strength in numbers, and with the combined readership of PRB magazine, we can develop a formidable maintenance presence.

So let’s hear from the maintenance crews, the supervisors, the managers, the directors, the contractors, or anybody who has a dog in the maintenance fight. Call or email me or the editor. And don’t be surprised if your phone rings one day and it’s me at the other end.

Randy Gaddo served for 15 years as a director in municipal parks and recreation after retiring from 20 years in the U.S. Marine Corps. He developed, wrote, administered, and presented maintenance plans as well as recreation master plans during that time. He earned his Master’s in Public Administration and now lives in Peachtree City, Ga. He can be reached at (678) 350-8642, or


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