“List”ing The Essentials

· For career development planning during employee evaluations

· In developing personnel evaluation tools

· In goal-setting sessions.”

Schwartz adds that the list is “intended as a general tool to be used as a starting place for training plans and evaluation discussions. The directors recognize that the list is not fully inclusive, nor are the survey points meant as absolutes for all agencies.” In addition, the number of position titles and descriptions likely will vary among organizations.

Some managers may want to add “develop my own staff skill development schedule” to their existing “to-do” lists, toward the goal of eliminating some staffing-related items already encompassed by the list. Now that’s a list everyone can agree on.

For a copy of the list, contact me at kuhlik@casa.sjsu.edu.

Work cited:

Schwartz, Randy. “Skill Development Schedule for the Recreation Professional, As Determined by the Parks & Recreation Directors of San Mateo County.” San Bruno, Calif.: City of San Bruno, 2009.

Kim S. Uhlik is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism Management at San JoseStateUniversity. He can be reached via e-mail at kuhlik@casa.sjsu.edu.

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