Light Up The Night

And unlike traditional electrical generation, solar power is clean because it burns no fossil fuels. Power plants that burn fossil fuels are responsible for two thirds of the sulfur dioxide, a quarter of the nitrogen oxide and almost half of the human-produced carbon dioxide emissions that result in smog, acid rain and global warming.

An Experimental Victory

At SwanLakePark, six solar-powered street lights will be installed. The community wanted fixtures that would enhance the beauty of the park, provide safety, and be dark-sky compliant. The fixtures employ round strings of small LEDs, providing an attractive, uniform light. The LEDs themselves are housed inside a Hadco Lighting fixture that recalls the classic beauty of street lighting from the early 20th century. The fixtures are capable of handling extreme weather conditions. The solar panels add a decorative touch where banners are often placed on the pole, and offer the clearest possible message that Swan Lake Park is going green.

Beyond the environmental advantages of the solar-powered lighting system, the community is enjoying the obvious benefits as well as the obscure ones. For example, illuminated pathways attract pedestrians to designated walkways, which make it easier to patrol areas at night and reduce accidents. And without underground cabling restraints, lamps can be positioned with great flexibly, creating more usable outdoor space. LED light levels are infinitely adjustable, and the white light provides greater visibility without over-lighting or the light’s trespassing into the night sky. DeMayo particularly liked that the stars were not washed out by the lights, “The lights are very directional. There is no light pollution.”

For DeMayo, installing solar-powered outdoor lighting is as much about the green benefit as it is about enhancing safety in SwanLakePark. Still, the most exciting benefit the light poles offer may be that this is the nighttime answer many recreational areas have been seeking–lighting areas of the grounds far away from the electrical grid. Now, light placement is limited only by a park’s imagination.

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