Life Changes

“Over, under, under, over…right? No – that’s not working,” Robert said to himself as he gazed into the mirror. For some reason he could not get his bow tie tied today.  It just wasn’t coming out right.  He was dressing for Sunday dinner at his daughter’s house and his grandkids looked forward to those colorful ties. He decided to wear a turtleneck sweater instead and forget about the tie for now. That bow tie had been his signature look for the last 35 years …


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2 comments on “Life Changes

  1. Vern Fowler on said:

    My wife and I just had the opporunity to spend the last 7 1/2 years of my father’s life togehter. Lots of challenges on both sides…and he did not have alzheimer’s! …you could write another chapter on a 96 yr. old man that still thinks he is 60! What it did was give my wife and I a new outlook on advancing years. (I hate the word “old” it is so demeaning and irrelevant! I know folks that are in their 50′s that act “old”!) Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your writing, even though it hits home, sometimes, and makes me step back and reflect!

  2. Thank you so much for publishing this article and all of the resources from the Alzheimer’s association. As a national Alzheimer’s advocate I am encouraged and appreciative of a mainstream publication like yours carrying the message to the park and recreation professionals.

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