Lead With Enthusiasm

Be sure to share your perspective with individuals outside of the board. Many traditional members don’t understand, or care much about what goes on behind the scenes until it affects them directly. When it does, they will want to know the “who, what, when, where, and why” of it.

If you and other members are spreading the good word about the work of the board, it will benefit the community and let you be seen as open and welcoming.

Of course, there will be some challenging days and meetings, but you can sustain your passion if you realize that service on a park and recreation board or commission is about the work of the agency, not your personal ideology. You are now a leader who leads with enthusiasm!

Steven J. Thompson, CPRP, CEO, is the executive director of the Wisconsin Park & Recreation Association. He can be reached via email at sthompson@wpraweb.org

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