Know What A Utility Vehicle Can Do

So how do you know if utility vehicle attachments are right for you? And if they are, how do you decide which attachments to purchase? First, Amerman suggests that groundskeepers determine how they’ll use their utility vehicle and the types of jobs they want it to take on. As with any equipment purchase, the efficiency or productivity that the attachment provides should outweigh its cost.

For many groundskeepers who place an attachment on their utility vehicle for the first time, safety becomes an even greater concern. Amerman advises utility vehicle owners to always be aware of what’s around them when driving or operating the machine with an attachment. And they should wear their seat belts and familiarize themselves with vehicle and attachment owner’s manuals.

In the coming years, Amerman says people shouldn’t be surprised if they see more attachment options for utility vehicles. As customers demand more power and versatility from what was once known as a “recreational” vehicle, manufacturers will answer the call. They may never take the place of a compact utility loader or skid-steer loader, but gone are the days when they were only expected to transport people and things.

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