Know Thy “No-Mow Zones”

Labeling beautiful flowers and grasses in your no-mow zone is a great way to deepen the enjoyment and the education of the public. Former First Lady Lady Bird Johnson once said, “Beauty in nature nourishes us and brings joy to the human spirit; it also is one of the deep needs of people everywhere.”

Adding no-mow zones to parks and recreation centers is a great way to benefit both the consumer and the caretaker. If done properly, adding beautiful natural grasses, gardens and wildflowers can save time, water and money.

Melanie Minch is a freelance writer in Medina, Ohio. She can be reached via e-mail at


Ladybird Wildflower Center

David Rachowicz

Director of Kalamazoo County Parks

Southwestern Michigan

Joint Military Services

Chesapeake Bay Area

Army Golf Courses

Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden and John Oyanagi, River District Manager

Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board

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