Keeping Fitness Equipment Fit

In addition to daily maintenance, Guerrero says a maintenance contractor is there twice a week to quickly fix any broken equipment. Contractors also are brought in to install wireless theater equipment so patrons can plug in headphones and watch their choice of 17 TV screens.

A Growing Market

Fitness equipment and the emphasis on maintenance has come a long way from the 1980s, and continues to advance by leaps and bounds. The chances of my near-catastrophic situation occurring now are miniscule by comparison.

It’s a good thing too, since more and more people are finding value in fitness-center memberships. Even in tough economic times, fitness remains important to Americans.

“Clients are making better use of their memberships, coming in more often and taking advantage of what we have here,” says Gagnon, emphasizing that maintenance is more important than ever.

“I want my members to come in and be able make full use of the equipment and the programs we have available.”

Randy Gaddo served for 15 years as a director in municipal parks and recreation after retiring from 20 years in the U.S. Marine Corps. He developed, wrote, administered, and presented maintenance plans as well as recreation master plans during that time. Gaddo earned his Master’s in Public Administration and now lives in Peachtree City, Ga. He can be reached at (678) 350-8642 or email

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  1. Madison on said:

    Owning gym equipment really holds a responsibility to a person. And it is really difficult to maintain it. Thanks for the tips.

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