It’s Not My Fault…

The feedback circle is indeed in full swing in the public sector that includes the parks and recreation trades. As we assess the satisfaction of our constituency by tallying indicators like levy support and grant application results, it is clear that accepting ownership and responsibility makes a difference; makes our companies stronger.

Those loyal to the organization and willing to accept responsibility are proof of that fact. Trust is the foundation of loyalty and loyalty is the product of handling responsibilities in a proud manner. Hiding behind the recommendations of a stranger is not the kind of behavior that conjures up the sentiments of faith in a good leader.

As you go to hire the politically correct applicant over the better qualified one, as you find yourself allowing the consultant to lead rather than consult, as you find yourself sacrificing that bit of freedom that makes you unique for the security of existing risk-free in your job remember that you were hired to make a difference; not simply to rubber stamp things and comply.

You have an opinion and were hired to utilize that to make things better. Consultants have their place and can be a useful tool, but never lose sight of the honor of being a decision maker and having the liberty to craft a solution or invent a successful project from beginning to end with a stamp on it that says, “THIS IS MINE.”

Ronald D. Ciancutti is the purchasing manager for Cleveland Metroparks, a metropolitan park system that encircles Cuyahoga County and includes more than 20,000 acres of natural land, six golf courses, seven nature centers, a variety of special interest facilities and the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Ron can be reached at

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