Is College “Worth It?”

In a recent article by Jeffery J. Selingo, written in the Wall Street Journal (April 30, 2013), the idea of whether or not college is “worth it” is discussed in “The Diploma’s Vanishing Value.” Mr. Selingo wrote: “With unemployment among college graduates at historic highs and outstanding student-loan debt at $1 trillion, the question families should be asking is whether it’s worth borrowing tens of thousands of dollars for a degree from Podunk U. if it’s just a ticket to …


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2 comments on “Is College “Worth It?”

  1. Well thought out article Ron. I have been fortunate that my 3 children have attended state universities, been active on campus and in the classroom, graduated from college with a higher GPA than they had in HS, and are well rounded young adults who add positively to the work environment and community. The advanced education opportunity, socially and academically, has assisted these 3 as they “chart their course”. My wife and I are especially pleased that all 3 graduated with honors and without school debt, a credit to their focus, work ethic, and common sense!

  2. Can you please send me the rest of this article? I am a subscriber, but for some reason it’s not letting read it.

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