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As I recall, the incident was described as a racial issue, but perhaps the data provided by the grainy film and muffled audio had confused what was accurate and inaccurate. We were left to decide for ourselves what we were seeing–“over-the-top” cops or an alleged drug-induced perpetrator refusing to cooperate. Opinions were hostilely diverse, and the result was chaos.

In those days there were no next-day websites to hash out the details, no grand dictator of truth galloping in on a horse, no Yahoo! “minute summation,” and, left to our own resources, we floundered like fish out of water.

See, we all claim to want all this accurate data, but we have no idea what to do with the information.

Quantity Overpowers Quality

So, if the new world order is based on so much accurate data, why does it feel like the chaos is just building in an awesome powder keg and will one day become another riotous explosion?

Do you want to know why? Because we’re not asking for the bar of quality to be set higher; instead, we’re just absorbing it all as we stare at the magazine covers while waiting in the grocery line.

That’s why celebrities like the easy-to-figure Kardashians are so fascinating. These spoiled brats live like inconsiderate princesses, but the public can’t get enough.

Do you remember when it was discovered Paris Hilton had made a pornographic tape? She was all the rage for a few months but then just disappeared into irrelevance. In the history of celebrity, that tape proves only that money and power do nothing to make a quality person.

Instead of learning that lesson, many people will just try to determine if the tape was shot before or after her breast implants.

Putting It All Out There

The power to discern the good from the bad is in our own hands–it always has been. We decide whether to supply the World Wide Web with all of our bio information we can muster accompanied with pictures for social networks like Facebook. We can decide to exchange personal data and secrets online, trusting that only friends will see this information.

In my mind, the tekkies have only begun to understand what they can do with all of the accurate information people supply. The more info provided, the more accurate their profile is; however, we are powerless to control how it is used by others.

Let the Internet provide all the accuracy people may seek. Its dissemination should be an individual’s call.

Ron Ciancutti is the Purchasing Manager for Cleveland Metroparks. He is not on Facebook, but he can be reached at

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