Influence The Young People In Your Life

Had this project been handed off from one job-hopping manager to another, it would have had to be “re-learned” over and over. But due to my longevity on the job, it was successfully steered from start to finish.

Last week, I boxed up and sent off all of these records to be copied to CD discs and maintained by the new Risk and Safety Manager hired last month; a really nice integrity-ridden young man.

I also happen to have several pairs of shoes older than him.

Once the discs are made, the information will be entered into the Cleveland Metroparks database, so there will be access to the history of what happened to the mineral rights and property rights on every parcel of land that is affected.

If there are environmental issues down the road, this information may be vital.

It is also possible that no one will ever open these files again. Certainly no one will be impressed by the effort or even know who authored the whole thing, yet despite that, I can honestly tell you that as I age, I will reflect on this accomplishment as one of the most significant things I ever did.

And in that truth lies the twist that here toward the end of my career, the most subtle of deeds quietly slips into the history of the company that employed me for 30-plus years.

If the young people starting out today could appreciate the importance of that, I have no doubt how safe our future will be.

Ron Ciancutti is the Purchasing Manager for Cleveland Metroparks. He is not on Facebook, but he can be reached at

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One comment on “Influence The Young People In Your Life

  1. Randy on said:

    Excellent guidance Ron. I hear so many people deriding today’s youth and no doubt there are examples who deserve that derision, but I think the vast majority of young people today are smart, interested in contributing and able to take charge when needed. I see premiere examples of these young men and women in my work with the Marine Corps. I am constantly re-motivated when I talk with young Marines. They are intelligent, well-educated, motivated and any young man or woman who volutarily signs up for the Marine Corps today is courageous, because they almost certainly will go into harms way before they end their tour. Thanks for the great insight, as always, Ron.


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