Influence The Young People In Your Life

I’m blessed with the opportunity to meet many young people through my family (friends of my children) and at work (interns and new starts). As I hear the constant refrain from my peers that “things aren’t like they used to be,” I sometimes wonder if the reason for that is because we’re not taking our jobs as influencers of these young people as seriously as our predecessors did. I say this because I find that young people today do not …


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One comment on “Influence The Young People In Your Life

  1. Randy on said:

    Excellent guidance Ron. I hear so many people deriding today’s youth and no doubt there are examples who deserve that derision, but I think the vast majority of young people today are smart, interested in contributing and able to take charge when needed. I see premiere examples of these young men and women in my work with the Marine Corps. I am constantly re-motivated when I talk with young Marines. They are intelligent, well-educated, motivated and any young man or woman who volutarily signs up for the Marine Corps today is courageous, because they almost certainly will go into harms way before they end their tour. Thanks for the great insight, as always, Ron.


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