In With The Old

These days, as cutbacks and layoffs continue, many professionals are indeed finding themselves doing hands-on work, which just years before they would not have dreamed of doing. I’ll bet the majority would have to admit they’ve re-learned and been able to apply a lifetime of lessons by getting back to basics.

What if we simply decided, as a society, that old-fashioned ways are really just the current day maintenance of a good set of values?

Although all the textbooks will tell us that we must individually address the seven basic life categories (mental, physical, social, financial, career, family and spiritual), isn’t the greater study in the fact that these categories are all connected? That where all of this makes sense is when it’s boiled down to the simplest of terms?

Does it really surprise you that one of the most quoted people of past and present times is Benjamin Franklin, who clearly exercised a lifetime philosophy of simplicity? As I recall, he was a pretty successful fellow, and one who appreciated the core values of man and the heart that drew him to do right.

I’ve always been impressed by this quote from Dwight Eisenhower: “For any American who had the great and priceless privilege of being raised in a small town, there always remains with him nostalgic memories… and the older he grows the more he senses what he owed to the simple honesty and neighborliness, the integrity that he saw all around him in those days.”

Ronald D. Ciancutti is the purchasing manager for Cleveland Metroparks, a metropolitan park system that encircles Cuyahoga County and includes more than 20,000 acres of natural land, six golf courses, seven nature centers, a variety of special interest facilities and the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Ron can be reached at

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