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There are those amongst us who fight the tidal wave of conformity and blaze their own trail. Oftentimes, these folks march along, largely anonymous, living fulfilled lives. But sometimes, these folks, annoy key people – and then they truly get noticed and, oftentimes, attacked with a vengeance. Nowadays, we call these folks “whistle-blowers.” In my old neighborhood we called them “snitches” or “tattle-tales.” Sadly, I think the work these folks do is often still labeled as such. But, as the …


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2 comments on “Important Jobs

  1. Randy on said:

    Ron, you are absolutely correct, and it seems the higher up the ladder, the more this attitude pervades. But I think it is the burden that public servants must accept when they take the paycheck: from the President to the new hire at the Rec Department, public servants serve the public, not themselves, not their bosses, but ultimately, the public interest. Those who work day to day face to face with the public understand this better than those in desk jobs who are insulated from such contact. I think every body at all levels should be required to “Lead By Wandering Around,” get out of their office and go to where their services are being delivered. When they have to go eyeball to eyeball with the people they serve, their humility may be forced to the surface.

  2. Hi Ron: At the end of the day, you have your name, your credibility, and your integrity that no one should be able to take from you. If you behave in an appropriate manner, you honor your heritage and your family. That messge is missed by too many folks, and it’s a reality that electronic technology also plays a large role in discrediting individuals and agencies, with or without accurate evidence/information.

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