I Am Of the TV Generation

I came to a sort of shocking realization a couple days ago – I am of the TV generation. I realized this as I was watching a show where one guy said to a buddy, “I think I’m going to get rid of my TV.”  The buddy was flabbergasted, unbelieving, until the first guy said, “Nah, just kidding, I’m getting one of those 60-inch screens man, are you kidding?!” I thought about that and realized that if I didn’t have …


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2 comments on “I Am Of the TV Generation

  1. Bonnie E. in Seattle on said:

    TV’s aren’t bad, the shows are. Countries around the world watch American TV shows (don’t they produce any of their own?) and they get this idea of who American’s are…how we act, what we do in life. A lot is fabricated as you say and much of it is TERRIBLE. Shows (and movies) of the 2000 era are nothing like the shows of the 1950′s – early 1970′s. I guess they call that progress, something like what the Internet has created…too much communication between nations. I blame that for the increase in violance, along with many TV shows and movies.

  2. Randy on said:

    I agree Bonnie, it’s the message, not the medium. TV is a tool just like a hammer; but a hammer can be used as a weapon to hurt someone, just like the TV. Unfortunately what is portrayed on TV does not represent the vast majority of good, honest, hard-working Americans. Thanks for your thoughtful comments.

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