How was your year?

We could all use a little more understanding and good will.   canstockphoto15221584

We could all use a little more understanding.


Well friends, another year just blew by.  People in my circle agree with me that time seems to be going faster than ever now.  For me the passing of time is indicated by certain natural events that line up and accelerate the process.  The peeking out of spring seems to start the year as the cold fades.  Then there’s the welcome summer breezes that eventually turn into dreaded, humid dog days of July and before you know it, kids are heading back to school, leaves are changing color and football related activities can be seen on TV, in newspapers and at your local high school.  As that wanes the first snows come whispering in and before you know it the holidays are here and gone.

And that’s where we are now.  The holidays are just ahead and then we set in for that long hibernating piece of winter before the April/May sun starts to stay steady again.

So, here in the 2013 home stretch I’d like to know – how was your year?  By what measure would you call 2013 a success?

Did you accomplish the things you thought you would as you promised yourself back on January 1st?

I had a pretty good year.  Got a better interest rate on the mortgage.  Wife and kids stayed healthy all year.  Had my gallbladder removed but the operation went well and the results have me feeling a lot better.  Got broadsided in a huge car accident that totaled my trusty old VW but even though glass shattered and air bags were deployed, I walked away from the whole thing without a scratch.  And even though I originally thought I was in no position to add another car payment to my current debt, the VW’s replacement is a vastly improved ride and the insurance check gave me a nice down payment; lots of silver linings to consider.  I’m finding the glass half full at this moment.

My wife’s cousins lost their mother right at the end of the year just last week.  As she was fading in hospice the families were gathered around; all her children and grandchildren were there.  Her husband had passed on 8 years ago and it occurred to her youngest daughter that mom was always so worried about her kids and their security that maybe she was reluctant to die because she knew now the kids would truly be alone without any parents at all.  Everyone had been commenting on how long she was “holding on.”  In a quiet and lucid moment her daughter leaned in and said, “Mom, look around.  We’re all here.  We’re all doing fine.  If dad’s waiting for you we’d be glad for you to be with him again.  You can let go now.  We’ll be OK.”  Her mother looked at her, sighed and 30 seconds later exhaled her last breath.  Incredible thing to have witnessed.  A true testimony of a mother’s will and love.  Beautiful.  Their hearts are a bit heavy today but time will heal that.  She lived a wonderful life.  The wake and funeral were somber but optimistic.  There’s a lot of family there and they all lean on each other graciously.

As I drove home Cindy and Sam were noticeably quiet.  Sam piped up from the back seat as he gazed out the window at the falling snow, “Man, nothing stays the same does it?”  My wife, who was especially close to this aunt agreed, “It sure doesn’t.”

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